gReaT-fuL...dAy fiVe

I am so very grateful for my mom and dad. You can read about them here and here.

Parents of six children, they worked hard for what they had. My siblings and I never lacked for any need. We always had the basics. My parents would scrape every Christmas to make sure we all had something special under the tree that year. We were not spoiled by material gifts, and we knew our parents loved us.

As an adult looking back at my childhood, I can remember lots of laughter, big bear hugs from mom, and family dinners together. I know my siblings would have different memories to share, but I want to remember those sweet precious moments growing up on Staten Island.

My mom and dad are both gone now. It's hard to imagine that at times. I want to just drive over to their home to visit, or call them up to say hello. I miss them both very much. They were the cornerstones of our family...the glue that held us together...

Thank you Lord for the time you gave me with them. I will treasure their memories until I see them again.


  1. OH, Mare, I could feel the love you have for them in this post! What a blessing to have those memories! I love the pictures!!!


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