My Dad's Hanky

My dad used a hanky
all clean and white.

He kept it in his pocket
in the back and to the right.

Into this hanky he would blow,
until it was no longer as white as snow.

And just when you thought it could hold no more,
He'd blow into it again with a great big roar!

At the end of the day he'd put it away,
into the hamper,
and there it would stay.

My mom would wash it with the rest of the clothes,
until my dad had to blow his nose.

He'd grab a new hanky all clean and white,
and put it in his pocket,
in the back and to the right.

original poem by Mare, 6/02


  1. I really do love that poem .. and love the picture too!

  2. Great job on the scrap book. It looks great.

  3. I love the poem and the page! What did you use for the background and the pocket? It looks like it is real denim.

  4. mm...i bought the paper at AC Moore. they had a closeout on the denim paper! i bought 8 sheets (39 cents ea)!

    As for the pocket...i scanned my husband's jeans! LOL! i cropped the pocket on my photo editing software, and then printed it out on sticky back cotton (you can get this in a craft store as well).
    and that's it! cool huh?!

    the hanky is real...and was also my dad's :O)


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