April goals, Easter goodness and spring...

here we are one full week into april. i was so spoiled by that nice weather we had last month.
i am wishing for the warmth to return. my spring flowers are wanting to come out. 

Easter is tomorrow! Amazing Grace! 
Cannot wait to celebrate the Risen Christ!
So blessed to have Hank home with us so we can celebrate as a family.

I wasn't going to do the bunny and egg thing this year, but as I thought about it, I decided to do just a little....

a few candies won't hurt, and of course I had to get a solid milk chocolate bunny for the boys...because biting into a hollow one is just
so disappointing!

I didn't go overboard though. After all, Easter is not about the bunnies and eggs, right?!

and I just had to get one of these...

for Jacob--thank you Sarah!

Now for my april goals...I am so distracted lately. 
I am not keeping up with my James study homework, as well as the homework for Financial Peace University. 
My nutrition and training schedule seems to be winning over my time, as well as keeping up with the laundry from three overly active boys! 
Not to mention cleaning our home, planning the garden (which I have yet to start), and now planning a dining room makeover...because we have to, not because I want to! 

I recently opened a can of worms 
in our dining room! mold? mildew? 
whatever it is, it's not pretty 
and needs to be dealt with ASAP! 

Oh! back to my goals!
(see how distracted I am?!)
I will continue, of course, to do my 
homework for my two classes.
FPU ends soon!

My nutritional goal for this month is to 
eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full!
I know this might seem obvious to some, but overeating has been one of my pitfalls to fighting this losing battle of weight loss.

I also need to increase my water intake and really keep track of it again.
I've only been averaging 60-70oz ... I'd like to increase that to 80-90oz.

But on the bright side, I've lost (and don't intend to find again!) TWELVE
pounds in THREE months! 
That's an average of 4lbs a month or 1 pound a week! 
I can live with that!
and did I mention how strong I am getting?
I can carry TWO of these into the house from the garage now:

AND...remember the challenge I gave all of you back in February?
If you don't, you can check it here.
Well, I took it again this month and I beat my time by 3 1/2 min!!
Plus, I didn't have to modify one exercise!
That's progress baby!

now it's time to get some lunch...my stomach is grumbling! ;)



  1. You are an inspiration Mare! It's not always easy to find time to take care of ourselves when we are taking care of others. 12 pounds is FANTASTIC!! WTG! Happy Easter to you, Hank and the boys (and of course Mr. R. too!!) Have a Blessed Day! So happy to have met you!

  2. I'm so proud of you too Mare! I always think of you when I put my shoes on and GO NORTH! You are an inspiration and I believe that you can and will accomplish whatever you put your mind to.
    Happy Resurrection Day to you too! Love you girl!


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