Tuesday Exercise Challenge...

Here we are at another Tuesday...that means CHALLENGE time!
Jodi sent me the following challenge for today:

Fighting the Battle Within Challenge
(mats and handweights)
Modifications in blue
**Get a timer to time how long this takes you until completion!
Part 1: 10 jump knee tucks  (10 REGULAR squats, hands and arms outstretched in front of you)
Part 2: Repeat part 1 add 20 dancing crabs (reverse plank position, kick up right leg while reaching for the right toes with left hand.  Then switch legs and hand.)  (Hold Reverse plank position and do 20 kick ups alternating legs.)
Part 3 : Repeat parts 1 and 2 add 30 fast squat thrusts.  Hands down to the floor, jump into plank, jump back in and stand up! (walk into plank and walk back in)
Part 4:  Repeat Parts  1,2 and 3 and add 40 Side to Side plank jumps on elbows.  Get into plank on elbows and jump both feet to the right back to center, (that is 1) then left and back to center (that is 2)  Modification ( walk to the right, right step out, left step out then back...left foot in, right foot in and reverse sides)
Part 5: Repeat parts 1,2,3,and 4 and add 50 reverse lunges with lateral shoulder raise (weights) alternating legs. (no weights/  Stand up and place the right foot on the floor behind you in a lunge while raising the arms out to the sides stopping at shoulder height.  Bring right foot back to the start and lower arms.  Repeat move on left leg, same arms.)

My completion time=15min58sec; I modified parts 1, 2, 4 & 5. I'm a wimp! hahaha!
This was a tough one for me! Brought sweat to my eyes!



  1. ok, i did it! and it was TOUGH but i loved it!! my time was 13 min 31 seconds and i had to modify #5 by doing 25 with 8 lb weights and 25 with no weights. the squat thrusts were definitely the hardest for me and i had to stop and breathe partway through. thanks for the challenge!! :)

  2. you ROCK girl! nice time! i didn't use weights. i left my weights at the studio :( boo.
    but it was a good challenge!


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