attitude of gratitude day 2

well, I have already bragged on my boys in a recent post. So I won't go into anything too long here.

on this day two of being grateful, I am so thankful for my 3 beautiful boys.

when it came to starting a family, Hank and I got started later in life. I was 37 when I had Nick, our oldest, and 41 when Jake (our youngest) was born. Stephen started growing in my belly only 3 months after Nick was born. Talk about instant family!

but I wouldn't go back and change a thing! I love those boys lots and lots and whole bunches!

they bring so much laughter into this house and into our lives. I cannot even remember what my life was like without them. well, maybe a little. hehe. but I surely don't want to remember!

they will always be a HUGE part of my life...and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Thank you Lord for my children :)


  1. They are absolutely beautiful children! You are blessed.

  2. what a cute picture!! and yes - such blessings they are :)


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