let's hear it for the boys!

my boys ... I love them so much!
I want them to stay young forever so they never move out! HA!
But seriously, I know that will not happen...a mother can dream though ;)

Nicholas is having some self-esteem issues. It runs deeper than that, but due to our family privacy act, I am not at liberty to say. He's the oldest. Our first-born. He's small for his age. He doesn't have many friends. He's a little eccentric. But we love him for who he is! He has a great memory, he loves reading, he likes magic, he loves doing things with his hands (especially making things out of paper), he really hates his expanders :(  He's most hard on himself when he makes a mistake. He really likes to make people laugh, and he craves attention. Nick is a creature of habit. He requires order and discipline. He thrives on routine. When that routine is disrupted, he collapses. He's very intelligent for his age, and wants to be an engineer. I think he can do anything!

a paper replica of Canal Lock 5
pretty good from memory :)

My prayer for Nick is that he realizes his worth and what a wonderful person he really is! God doesn't make mistakes...we are all "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalms 139:14); that he makes many friends along his life path, and that he can, most of all, forgive himself when he makes a mistake.

Stephen has been pushing my buttons lately. We have been like two rams fighting over territory!
It's becoming very frustrating. His attitude and tone of voice are extremely defensive. He takes things so literally...and he knows what we mean when we use hyperbole. He just chooses to seem ignorant to it.
Again, frustrating.

Stephen likes to be funny...even at others' expense. Something we need to work on. But he likes making people laugh. He's very smart and his memory is almost photogenic! He does extremely well in school and has many friends. He loves gym and recess because he can "get his energy out," as he puts it. He likes trying new things, and this year has taken on quite a few extracurricular activities. The one thing that sets Stephen apart from his brothers is that he's extremely inquisitive! He questions everything...and I mean everything. Even direct orders from mom and dad. It's hard to tell if this disobedience is intentional, or just curiosity killing the cat.

My prayer for Stephen is that he softens his heart towards other people's feelings. That he becomes more aware of how his words effect those around him. That he excels in whatever he wants to accomplish, and that he becomes more obedient, not only to us, but to God.

Jaocb. What can I say about my baby? Well, he's not a "baby" anymore. But he's my baby. I suppose I need to stop calling him that in front of him...because he sometimes takes that literally and starts talking and acting like one! LOL!

Jake is a very happy person. He really is. He rarely wakes up cranky, his smile is contagious...he's always smiling! He's carefree and spontaneous...just like his dad. Most things just roll off Jake's back. He's happy just being Jake. On the other hand, Jake needs to feel needed. He wants to be a part of whatever is going on...whether that be his older brothers' games, or mom and dad's activities. He wants to be a part of it.

He loves crafts...a boy after my own heart :) He is becoming quite the little reader too. He loves school and has many friends (maybe because he's always happy). He still has a lovey (his Blue Beary bear) that he sleeps with, and drags around the house. He's given up taking him everywhere, but will still take him on long trips. He still has that innocence about him. I love that. And he's so affectionate.

My prayer for Jacob is that he continues with his wonderful attitude on life. That he comes to love the Lord with all his heart. That he realizes what a fresh and wonderful being he is and that he succeeds in whatever he takes on in life.

My prayer for all my boys is that they love the Lord with all their hearts, souls and minds, and that they put God first in their lives ... all the days of their lives.


  1. Thank you for sharing your boys with us! It's nice to get to know them a little better and to see your prayers for them. You are a great mother!

    I prayed the same prayers for your boys as I read them. I think they will be greatly prayed over because of your heart to post this!

  2. I think you are a great mom too! I love this post.


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