13th day...

grato = grateful in Italian.

I am grateful for my grandmother. She (and her first husband) was from Scicily. Which made my dad full Scicilian by blood, even though he was born in Washington, DC.

could you imagine growing up here?

There's a lot about my grandmother's childhood that I don't know. I really need to sit down with my aunt, while she is still living, to talk about my grandmother's rich history.

My grandmother passed away in 2007. She was the matriarch of our family. She was my mentor. She was the one who continuously prayed for my salvation. I miss her hand written notes, cards and letters. She was old school when it came to communication....she loved the written word. But more than that, she loved God's Word. She prayed consistently for every member of our family and relied on God for everything. Her devotion was inspiring.

If you feel so moved, you can read more about my grandma here. I am so thankful for my grandma.


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