Camille Barbera Tarasewich...

my dear grandma...
June 6, 1920-May 15, 2007

it's been four years now since my grandma Camille passed away.  she was such a beautiful and godly woman.  she was so in love with her family and with showed in everything she did and said.
i will always remember her as a strong, fearless, loving woman, who never let adversity destroy her faith.

her laugh was genuine, her heart filled with the Holy Spirit, and the love for her family was easily visible.  i will always remember those endless meals at her home...the special touches only a grandma could give.  she was an awesome cook!  i can almost remember the smells eminating from her kitchen as she baked pizza, cooked speghetti sauce, and brewed espresso.  her loving smile, gentle kisses on the cheek and warm, caring embraces fill my senses as i think of her.

my grandma was a servant.  she lived her life for others.  helping out whenever she could.  even if it meant she had to sacrifice her time, money, or home.  when she got older and couldn't move around as well, she helped others by praying for them.  she was an awesome prayer warrior right up until the day she went to be with the Lord.

i remember all the kind words she had to offer, the sound advice she gave me, and the many wonderful, hand-written notes she sent to me.  even though it was difficult to see her on a regular basis, we kept in touch as often as we were able.  after i was saved, she was my rock of faith.  she had prayed for my salvation for over 30 years, and i am thankful that she saw those prayers answered before she passed away.  as i grew older and became a mother, my grandma was there for me in spirit.  she made blankets for my little ones, and sent cards and letters and whatever she could afford.  i miss her little notes and her boisterous laugh.  but most of all, i miss that i don't have her hear to help me in my walk of faith.

my grandma touched many people in her life.  i will always remember her unfaltering faith, strength and spirit.  no one could ever fill her shoes!  may she rest peacefully in the arms of the Lord forever.
love you grandma!


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