the stain on my shirt...

a few days ago, as i was listening to Air-1 radio, they started talking about the stain on your shirt.
i forgot what they were talking about originally, but that statement stuck in my head.

i got to thinking about the many shirts i had with stains on them. i tried to wash the stain out. i tried to scrub it out. i even tried to soak and pre-treat the stain out. but it never quite went away. there was always a faint remnant of the stain on my shirt.

little children are oblivious to the stains on their shirts. they don't really care if they go out and have a stain or two. they wear it like any other garment. so innocent and care-free. isn't that the way we should be?

isn't that the way it is with our sins? we try and try to wash them away, but never quite come close to getting those stains out. you know why? because we are trying to do it with our own strength, with our own will, with our own selfish pride. we just cannot do it alone.

but i've come to know Christ and i am not alone. through Him, all stains are washed away. all sins are forgiven and remembered no more. we are white as snow in His eyes.

i love that.


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