the word no has been on my mind recently.
how can such a small word have such a BIG impact?

it's usually one of the first words we hear and say as littles, and one that we learn quickly.
no! don't touch that! no! don't go there! no! don't say that! no! you can't have that! some toddlers go head on into a full blown tantrum when they hear the word no.

as we get older, we become afraid of saying the word no. especially to people we love. we know the feeling we get when we hear the word no. but why should those feelings towards the word no be so negative. sometimes no means safety. or 'you can't handle that right now.' or 'i love you.'
the very definition of the word is itself, negative.

but we love to say yes. especially when it comes to pleasing others. yes, i will do that. yes, i will go there. yes, i can fix that. yes, i will ______ (fill in the blank).

i used to be a yes person. i'd say yes to most anything because i didn't want to disappoint someone.
i would over schedule myself and become stressed out trying to keep up with it all...rather than just say 'no, i can't do that right now.' or 'i need some time to think about it before i commit.' or 'that kind of commitment is too much for me at this time in my life.'

it's ok to say no.
let me repeat's OK to say no.
in fact, it's healthy to say no. it's kinder to say no. it really is.
if you cannot say yes to something with passion and commitment right away, you most likely need to say no. or "i'll think about it." but chances are, the answer will be no.
don't say yes just because it's what you think the other person needs/wants to hear. you cannot please everyone. you cannot be everything to everybody and still be you. a healthy you.
and by saying no, you open the door for someone else to say yes!

so learn to say the word no. before you have to say it.
practice saying it right now. out loud.
sound it out...go ahead. i'm listening. nnnnnnnn ooooooooooo. nnnn ooooo. no.
see? you CAN say no! congratulations!

now go try it out in the real world!
you got this!


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