wonderfully made...

i have been asked why i work out the way i do. why i do those "crazy exercises." why why why.

well, why not? why not use the body i was given? i spent too many years in a state of fatigue and unhealthiness. struggling for breath just walking up a flight of stairs. feeling the pressure in my middle as i bent over to tie my shoes. just feeling crappy in general.

why do i work out? two reasons mostly.
  1. because i can: right now my body is able and my mind is willing. i may not always be able to move this way, or jump rope, or run, or even walk. so while i still have the ability, i will move my body in a way that challenges me. it keeps me fit in mind, body and spirit. 
  1. exercise is a means of worship: God gave me this body as a vessel for His spirit. a temple if you will. if i let this temple go into disrepair due to my own slothfulness or laziness, i am not being a good steward of what was graciously given to me. i have my health and a working body. there are too many people that are not as blessed. so shame on me if i do NOT live a healthier lifestyle while i am still able. 
my scoliosis slows me down. i sometimes have to modify my exercise or skip the jumping because it jams my vertebrae, and then the pain sets in. i see my chiropractor regularly to stave off the inevitable continuing curvature of my spine and compacting of my disc space. but i will continue to exercise and do what i can for as long as i can. it's such a blessing and a privilege.

we will all grow old. we will all age. time gets everyone. time is undefeated. our earthly bodies were not meant to last forever. they will break down. they will quit on us. but until that time, i will push through the hard. i will push past the discomfort. there's something glorious waiting there beyond it! we have to enjoy this life...this adventure! and for me, there's enjoyment in the hard work.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14


  1. What a great perspective! I haven't heard anyone else give those reasons for exercising. It is making me think about my activity level. Thanks!

    1. Yes! This perspective is what keeps me motivated. Like everything God gives us, it is truly a blessing. And aren't we supposed to be good stewards of all of our gifts? Love you!


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