the year i walked a 5k...

The Bacon Hill Bonanza Road Race has been my first race of the season for the past 3 years. this year was no different... until, that is, i strained a ligament in my back.

i had signed up for the race as usual prior to my injury and hoped beyond hope that i'd be ok to run when the race came around. unfortunately, my chiropractor advised against running. although i was disappointed, i could feel for myself that i wasn't quite ready to pound the pavement just yet. so i decided that since i paid already, and my son Stephen was running, i'd go and just walk it.

i was excited to see so many friends and Challenge by Choice peeps there. being a part of something bigger than myself is always a joy to me...and supporting the local community and hanging with friends are very soul-lifting activities for me!

i have to say, i didn't experience the pre-race jitters i usually have. perhaps it was because i knew i'd be walking and it wouldn't really matter how fast i was going. but i still felt so far out of my comfort zone.

when we were lining up, i hung toward the back of the pack, Stephen was up front. normally we'd start together. this year, he hung with his it should be. the horn blew and the pack started running. i began walking not too fast, not too slow. i never walked a 5k, so my pace was not consistent. as i watched the pack get further and further away, i felt the urge to run. it was very difficult for me NOT to run. i picked up my walking pace and caught up to one of my CBC buddies. we took that race course on, walking our way up and over the gentle hills.

i love to encourage people. running or even walking a race is a good way to be a part of a community and encourage people along the way. some runners turn up their music and just go! i usually have music in my ears as well. but this day, i chose not to. instead, i shouted and waved to people as they passed me in the opposite direction. hoping i'd encourage them to keep on keepin' on! it was great!

around mile 2+, my hip flexors started to hurt. i never felt that while running. i suppose i was using a few different muscle groups. but just like while running, you try to push through the pain and keep going to the finish line. i made it across that finish line...just over 49 minutes later. it felt good.

i love this sport because it's you against you. but it's also a community sport. even though each runner is running their own race, they are all doing it a unit. we all know what the other is feeling...and wether you're walking or running, it's hard. it's hard for everyone. we have to choose our 'hard' every day! this day i chose to move. and i'm very grateful for a body that can still move!


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