have heart...

today marked the first monday of the year. the day that the mcmonkeys returned to school, the handsome hubby returned to work, and the first day alone for me after spending the last two full weeks together.

you'd think it was the grandest day of them all. not so much. i missed those little buggers. and i missed my hubby. i have been busy, yes. but i missed the giggles and the belly laughs and the games and the food prepared by my talented chef of a husband. i even missed the little squalls.
you know, that 'noise' that's around your home when you have littles at home with you.

it was a wonderful two week break from the every day scheduled life we lead. i'm glad for those two weeks. it re-ignites my love for my family. and spending Christmas with my family is extra special. i am content. my heart is full.

which brings me to the one word that i've chosen to bring me through this new year.


heart = Jesus
heart = the wellspring of life
heart = family
heart = love
heart = passion
heart = fullness
heart = joy
heat = health

for me, the heart is where all life and love begins. 

my family. my heart.

happy new year my friends! may the joy of the Lord fill your hearts! 


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