energy and God's grace...

as most of you know, i was down for the count with an illness last week. fever for 5 1/2 days, hacking cough, muscle/joint aches, severe headache, no appetite, general malaise. the doctor couldn't even tell me what it was…just 'some kind of virus,' and bronchitis. 
it has been about ten days since the onset of this virus. although the fever has been gone for 5 days, the aches and pains are gone, and the cough still lingers, what strikes me the most is my energy level. 
i'm so very tired. i feel like i should be back to my normal activity level. but just going about the activities of daily living, my usual tasks (minus the intense exercise of course),  leave me exhausted. 
i find that i need to rest in between tasks, and i have no desire to do some tasks (i.e, raking). 
it's not fun. it's not me. 
it does however give me empathy for those who are stricken with debilitating illnesses/diseases. those who deal with this sort of thing on a daily basis…a life-long daily basis. here i am just 5 days post acute illness and i'm whining about my energy level. what about those who don't know what's causing their energy levels to drop? what about those who know, but there's no cure? only temporary relief?
i know one day i will feel like myself again. i know this will pass. my faith carries me through. 
what about those who don't know when it will end? that don't have that strong faith in the Lord?
i am so very grateful for a body that works, for a mind that thinks, and for a spirit that worships. 
God's infinite grace washes over me daily. makes me new each day. i am so very thankful for His grace.


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