Murphy's Law...

yesterday was a day right out of the pages of Murphy's Law.

it started out fine…typical morning of getting the boys up and ready for school.
i knew i would need to pick Nick up early from school for a scheduled ingrown toenail surgery.
…and the demo/construction of our dining room is in full swing. (of which i have waited almost nine years for! but that's another story.)

here's a sneak peak…

uncovered a hidden pantry

the chimney
After Nick was off and the other two boys were done with breakfast, i cleaned up the kitchen and got some additional orders from hubby to pick up some electrical supplies at Home Depot.
at this point, i check the bus stop and the boys are bouncing a ball off the side of the dumpster. no harm/no foul…except that the ball bounces up and over the side INTO the dumpster. my neighbor's son proceeds to climb up the side of the dumpster. really?!! of course i step in and tell him that's very dangerous and his ball is lost. end of story.

some minutes later, the bus still hasn't come. it's almost 9am. i still need to shower.
but i collect my youngins and take them to school. on the way, Stephen asks if we can pick up his buddy. sure, why not! so i swing by their house…let mom know we are taking her two to school…and she asks if i can swing back her way after i drop them off. sure, why not!

drop the boys off and swing back to our friend's house. they are rearranging furniture and it looks great! spend a bit of time chatting and off i go home to shower.

i had to eat somewhere in there. i don't remember when…

i'm ready to go and try to think of all that i had to bring with me: Nick's open-toed sandals, the electrical boxes to be returned to Home Depot, a snack and water for myself and Nick, a grocery list, Nick's Kindle for distraction during the minor surgery.

wouldn't you know it, as i looked up at the clock it was 10:55am. i was supposed to get Nick at 11am! yikes!
i call the school so they can pull him from class and he'd be ready when i got there. i started pulling out of the driveway, and realized i forgot the electrical boxes. run back into the house to get them.

pull into school, get Nick; realize i forgot his sandals! have to go back home to get them. our appointment was for 11:45. it was now 11:20. we get to the podiatrist office exactly at 11:45. whew!
however, it seems she's overbooked or something because we are in the waiting room for over half an hour! we are finally called in at 12:25. lunch time for the office. thankfully, they forego their lunch to get Nick done. now we have to do this for the next 2 weeks…

soak in betadine, apply silvadine and wrap in gauze

poor Nick. that Kindle did little to distract him from the pain of those four needles they shot into his big toe :(  he squeezed my hand so hard i thought i'd bruise! that ingrown nail was like a giant splinter! thank goodness it's out! we finally walk out of the office at quarter past one with another item added to my list: a stop at the drug store for silvadine.

the errands followed…Home Depot, grocery store, drug store. starving! finally home at 2:40. eat lunch, clean up, get Nick comfortable. coffee breather!!
by this time, Hank is well into his electrical business in the dining room, and the other two boys are coming home from school.

Stephen gets off the bus and tells me his knee hurts really bad. the tears start flowing :(
i'm all like 'what happened? let me see it.' a bruise and some swelling. get the ice pack.
find out that they were doing gymnastics in gym class. when it was his turn at the spring board, he runs and jumps and WHAT?! some lame-o separated that mats!! and wouldn't you know it, Stephen comes down hard on his right knee…on the hard wood floor! Lord have mercy! he refuses ice or a visit to the school nurse. lovely. it's now 3:50. i call the school to speak with the nurse. she tells me there's really nothing she can do. if it bothers him to take him to his doctor. if it's anything serious, she will fill out an incident report on monday. ugh. i think she just wanted to get home for the weekend. whatever.

i call the pediatrician and get him in for 4:30. quick check…all good. just a bruised knee cap. ice, advil, rest. whew.
home just in time to finish up some laundry and cook dinner.
i was so happy to hit my favorite chair with coffee in hand and settle in to watch John Carter.



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