i meant to post this last month!! time has a way of getting away from me!

long, long, a town not too far away...lived a lady awaiting her beau for their very first date!

with butterflies flying and mouth a-drying, she paced back and forth her small apartment floors.

primping and fixing and almost rethinking the night was well on it's way.

a knock on the door and a spit-less swallow...then their eyes met once again.

flowers in hand, with a coral piece so big, it almost took over the bowl!

away they went, off on their first adventure.

on the way to the restaurant, they chatted like they knew each other for years.

little they watched where they were going, and missed their exit, oh dear!

If they had a GPS, it would have said, "recalculating..."

so to the next exit they drove and turned around...back down the northway to their destination.

only to find that the restaurant was crowded with a bartender convention in town.

so they scrambled a bit, but found another location to have their first night out.

The Weathervane restaurant on Route 9...a lovely time they had.

they did not want the date to end so they traveled a bit further to see...

a movie in Wilton with Tom was called Castaway.

it was a chilly evening and so late to get back but they couldn't stop talking, ok?

then, at the door, he asked for a kiss...and the rest is history.

*from our very first date (2/2/01), Hank and I have been missing our exits and turns because we just cannot seem to talk to each other and pay attention to where we are going at the same time!!*

happy first date anniversary my love! and here's to many more "recalculating" moments ;)


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