why do we need people?
if Jesus is all we really need,
 then why do we crave relationships with other people?

our souls and hearts are for Jesus, yes. 
but we are also social beings. 
we crave interaction with others.

some people can go very long periods of time with no social contact at all, 
while others need it every minute. 
i say that either of those extremes may perhaps be a form of psychosis. 
however, there comes a moment in time when we all need someone. anyone. 
or we could possibly go insane ourselves!

people come in and out of your life all.the.time.
some people stay put, while others may not.

when God brings people into my life, i am skeptical at first. 
i am perhaps a bit shy or "held back" with my feelings and heart's desires. 
it's only because as humans, we are fallible and are easily hurt. 
wether that hurt is intentional or not, the possibility exists. 
so i'm afraid of being hurt.

but to form those lasting bonds, those true friendships, 
those relationships with people that really matter, 
we must become vulnerable and share our hearts with people. 
and there are certain people that you just click with. 
kindred souls or whatever...

and so it goes that i have connected with 
and shared some of my intimate and precious moments with a very special person…
one of the most genuine, down to earth people i know…
whom i consider a really good friend. 
and even though i haven't known her long, 
it seems like i have known her a lifetime.

because those types of friendships…
those people who you can share the most intimate moments of your life and trust that they won't be splattered all over the national enquirer the following day…
are the best friendships. the ones that matter. 
the ones that are true and long-lasting.

Tracy H. you are that kind of friend to me. 
i consider myself very blessed to know you and to call you 'friend.' 
and even if you move halfway around the globe, i hope we never lose touch with one another. 
i hope you know that you are loved as a woman, a mom, 
and most of all, as the truest of friends.

now GET UP!!

Tracy and I
my first 5k with my girlies…
Deborah Mc & Tracy H.


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