it's a new year...

ba-bye 2013, hello 2014! 
it's a new year and i'm feelin' good! 
that reminds me of a michael bublee tune...

Stars when you shine
You know how I feel
Scent of the pine
You know how I feel
Oh freedom is mine
And I know how I feel
It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life...

// And I'm feeling good //


this past year was the year i stepped out in faith

we had more friends over to our humble home, even though i still felt 
a wee bit apprehensive over the idea. 
there were so many orthodontist appointments between the three boys, 
i wanted to move to latham!
this year ended many years in MOPS.
there was a lock-in, and baseball, and band.
i became more involved in the love146 task force 
and women's small groups at church.

there were many trips to lake moreau…and kayaking.
spontaneity is not one of my strong points, 
but my husband showed me how wonderful it can be!

there were FIVE 5ks.
a trip to maine…just the two of us. 

Jacob (8) was baptized and Nick (11) became a middle-schooler.
there was VBS and our 10-day-long trip to Colorado!
and Stephen (10) took on basketball like he was taking on the world!

i turned 49…my last year in my forties.
i stepped up to lead a discussion group for mom2mom at church.
my husband's grandfather and patriarch of the family passed away at age 99.

this was also the year that my husband voluntarily decreased 
his hours at work. 
and while that meant less money,
some sacrifices of guilty pleasures and luxury items, 
it also meant more quality time at home with the boys and i;
and my husband's sanity.
i think we won.

there was a bus trip to NYC…with some dear friends of ours.
…and a six hour ride home in a blinding snow storm!

but i think the biggest step out in faith this past year was
deciding to become foster parents in the hopes of one day adopting a child.

God is so good. His faithfulness is full and forever. 
He is ever present in our lives. i owe Him big time.


so this year is my year to be intentional

i will strive to be intentional with my relationship with my King.
and ALL of my relationships with the people in my life,
especially my husband and children.

i will strive to be intentional in my day and try to 
not let it go idly by.
that may require less time plugged-in 
and more list-making! oh boy!
i might have to consult some expert list-making friends of mine,

i will live my life on purpose.
deliberate and careful in my decision-making.
steady and unhurried in my actions.
i will be intentional in my life.

// here's to a new year! //


  1. Humble--that's my word for the year--learning some humility.


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