in december, this happened...

we're preparing to become foster parents

this boy's eyes…stunning

our tree

hanging with dad

school projects

cozy sittin'

rejoicing in our savior!

Christmas parties at school

my Keurig ruined me

crafts at mom2mom

relishing in the moment..

goofy boy

studying my first foster parent/adoptive parent workbook

my sister's dogs had puppies!

sick boy

bus trip to nyc with...

these two crazy people!

it was C O L D ! 

hubby found a fountain ;)

all the sights...

…and all the lights!

'the' tree


lunch at 30 rock


the flags are a-flyin'


good friends!

something must've been funny

St. Patrick's-under renovation


Bryant Park tree

all the buildings..



30 rock!

awesome coffee

hair color


and more snow!

my hot flashes are getting worse

this. became. my. life. verse.

ugly christmas sweater party

games were played

coffee ran out!

delicious meals were made


a friend's thoughtful gift!

the nightmare before christmas

grace and mercy entered the world

Jake's view of me

a present from Nick

my life in coffee

christmas dinner

this little guy joined our family

wreaths were hung

Jake wrote a story

we played hooky from church...

…to go see catching fire!

a sweet treat from Aunt Shari and Uncle Karl

my goofy men!

Merry Christmas!


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