mom on the run

i have added a new facebook page entitled "Mom on the run." i wanted to inspire other moms to get out there and just do it. even if you're just walking. walking is one of the best exercises for your body.

so if you are not lame or crippled or suffer any other debilitating disease, thank God for your legs and lungs and just get out there!

at the beginning of this year i set a goal for myself, along with a friend of mine... we would run five 5ks. this past saturday, i ran my fifth (and final?) race for the year!! woot!

goal met.

these are the races i ran and my official (?) times:

1) April 13, Bacon Hill Bonanza, Bacon Hill NY ~ 34:30

2) May 19, SPAC Rock and Run, Saratoga Springs NY ~ 33:12 (last year i ran this in 36:37)

3) June 8, Run to the Future, Ballston Spa, NY ~ 33:55

4) June 15, Whipple City Run, Greenwhich NY ~ 34:14 (what happened there?! no chip timing)                                

5) Oct 19, the Great Pumpkin Challenge, Saratoga Springs NY ~ 31:51 (last year i ran this in 34:42)

i'm very pleased with my results in that last race. my personal best. i feel stronger this year as a runner. although i have a long way to go to break the 8min/mile pace.

maybe next year i will set a goal to run a 10k!


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