changes are coming...

take a big.deep.breath. 
and let it out…s l o w l y.

something is brewing. 
something is changing. 
something is and has been tugging at my heart; 
and to find out that my husband is on the same page…
well, that just makes it all the more wondrous! 

how does He do it? 
how does our Father in Heaven know what is in our hearts 
and then gives us a way to make that heart's desire come true?

i don't know. i only know that He does. 
He gives us our heart's desire when we trust and obey and have faith. 
He is faithful and loves us so!! 

Psalm 21:2 "You have granted him his heart's desire 
and have not withheld the request of his lips…"

i cannot speak of this just yet. 
but i needed to write something.
please pray with us that this "something
will work out for good and God's glory!


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