the face of a 49 year old...

this is the face of a forty-nine year old...

this face has been mine since the day i was born. it has carried me through my life. it is easily recognizable to family and friends, but can also become a 'stranger in the crowd' just as quick.

this face has laughed and cried, been filled with wonder and excitement, 
has cringed and writhed in pain, has been filled with joy, 
has worn a smile, a frown, has become ugly with anger and beautiful with peace. 
this face has puckered for kisses, squinted in the bright sunshine, 
and has been buried in a pillow holding back tears at night. 
this face has suffered from blemishes, sunburn, age spots and open-handed slaps...

and this face has survived it all.

my face is unique. there is no other face on the planet quite like mine. 
i have watched this face age from the inside out.
it's funny how i can see subtle changes in my face before anyone else can.
and how i think i look is sometimes not really how other's see me.

and you can see so much in a face.

talking to someone face-to-face is so much more revealing 
than email, texting or phone calls could ever be.

this face has looked upon so many other faces--
young faces, old faces, freckled faces, tanned faces, 
hairy faces, smooth faces, wrinkled faces, precious baby faces...
all beautiful in their own right.

and this face will be my own for eternity.

the most precious thing about faces 
is that you can hold them gently in your hands
and kiss their cheeks
and caress those frowns away
and wash away those tears...

you can capture those faces and their many expressions in photos 
and just look upon them in awe of the intricate beauty 
that God has created in His image. 

yes, this is my face. 
the face of a 49 year old woman. 

and i pray that this face will always look upon my husband's face in love,
and see the beauty in my children's faces.

and i hope that God grants me the pleasure and opportunity
 to look upon many more faces in my lifetime...

until the time comes when i can look upon His face...
full of mercy and grace.


  1. What a beautiful 49 year old face! You look amazing Mare! You are also just as beautiful on the inside! Bless you my dear friend!

    1. Thank you Sherry! One of these days...I'm gonna get to see your face in person!


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