a weekend away...

school's out for the summer!
the boys were really happy last thursday afternoon (6/20/13) when school let out for the summer!

~~ please accept my apology in advance for a long post ;) ~~

hubby and i had a weekend away planned for that friday and the boys were going to stay with my brother-in-law and his wife.

This was the first weekend getaway without the kids in almost 11 years!
it was much needed and much overdue!

i chose the Dunes on the Waterfront in Ogunquit Maine. Ogunquit means "beautiful place by the sea." and it definitely lived up to it's name.

although it was a bit "touristy," i really liked the quaintness of Ogunquit. little shops and absolutely no chain food restaurants or stores.

we had our first meal (dinner) at the Ogunquit Lobster Pound, right next to our motel. hubby HAD to have a lobster of course! i hate lobster! so why go to maine if i hate lobster, you ask? well, the food is not the only thing that draws people to maine my dear :)
anyway, getting back to the food...the lobster pound had the most amazing marinated steak tips and bacon wrapped scallops!! i can still taste them! yum-o
and for dessert, the most delicious, hot-from-the-oven raspberry pie baked in it's own little ramekin with vanilla ice cream melting on top. pa-leeze!

after dinner we strolled down to the waterfront on the grounds of our motel. we could hear and smell the ocean. the dunes were between us and the ocean, but we could still see it out there--in all it's vastness!

in the morning, we had breakfast at the Egg and I--a very cute little restaurant with remarkable food. but don't take your cards from your wallet, because they only accept cash!
they had these wonderful, warm muffins that were the size of a softball! i had the orange-raspberry muffin...oh boy! let me tell you, i'm not a huge muffin fan, but this was sooooo good!
and the spinach, feta quiche...well, you will just have to take my word for it--best ever!
after breakfast, it was time to hit the beach! the ocean was waiting for us...and especially hubby!
the ocean is tied to my husband's spirit. he loves the salt water, the waves, the smell of the air, even the coldness. the ocean revives him and leaves him saturated in God's love.
we walked to the footbridge beach just north of our motel. only about a ten min walk.
the water temp sign on the lifeguard chair read 57 degrees. yikes! that didn't stop hubby from jumping right in...and staying in for over an hour! while i dipped my toes in the warm sand and basked in the sunshine on the beach, i watched my husband play in the ocean. diving and jumping in and out of the waves, drinking in all that glory. so awesome to watch him rejuvenate his spirit. he got out of the water to kiss me, then jumped right back in for another hour...seriously! i think his core temperature must have dropped 20 degrees! as we were walking back to the car, he was a bit off balance! must be he hadn't gotten his land legs back yet! LOL!

driving a car in Ogunquit is challenging and parking is nearly non-existant, except for high-priced parking lots. however, most everything is either in walking distance or you can hitch a $1.50 ride on the trolley! that was fun and the trolley goes as far north as Wells, and as far south as Perkin's Cove. ooooohhhh....Perkin's Cove!

 that's where we had lunch on saturday! Jackie's Too, what a gem! it's right on the rocky coast...literally! overlooking the cove and part of the marginal way, this restaurant was a great find! i had a salmon & goat cheese wrap. oh my! what a superb delight! the salmon was cooked to perfection, not dry, and what a heaping helping! the goat cheese along with the salad veggies wrapped up in a blanket of goodness was just amazing! and reasonably priced for a tourist spot.

as we were eating lunch, it started pouring. we were going to walk the marginal way but decided it was best saved for sunday. we caught the trolley and headed back to Ogunquit. there we perused the shops along the small town streets and stopped in this little bakery called Bread and Roses...chuck full of delectable sweets and coffees and teas. oh.my.goodness. we had a sweet treat of cappuccino mouse in an edible chocolate cup topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. yes, it was as good as it sounds! that plus a medium roast coffee was just the thing to stave off my sweet cravings.

as we were walking back to our motel, it started raining again. we walked in the rain. should have brought our ponchos. we hung out on the deck for a while, then took showers and got ready for dinner.
our last dinner was spent at Lord's Harborside Restaurant in Wells. we waited for about 30min to be seated. it wasn't worth the wait for me. their specialty was of course lobster. hubby got two. there they were...staring right at me. antennae and puny black eyes. yuck.
i avoided hubby's plate like the plague.
i had shrimp and pasta alfredo with broccoli. not my fav meal for sure. we split a slice of key lime pie for dessert. mmmmmm.

after dinner we played mini-golf. we haven't done that just the two of us in forever! i played in my heels. yeah, i'm classy like that ;) LOL!

sunday morning came too soon...our last day.
it was supposed to be sunny, but started out rainy.
we decided to just go with the moment. we checked out and went to this wonderful restaurant called Bintliff's for breakfast. o.m.g.
this was the most luscious breakfast i have had in a long time! i had steak and eggs with a slice of homemade cinnamon raisin bread. they bring out this little tiny jar of raspberry jelly with it...just ridiculously sweet and tasty.

but the one thing that i could not eat more of and really really wanted to was their famous creme brûlée  french toast! to.die.for. i have never in my life experienced the sweetness of creme brûlée french toast. so amazingly delicious! you don't even need syrup--it's that sweet! the warm fresh creme dripping all over the warm toast, topped with the caramelized sugar......can i say foodgasm? because WOW!
just a few bites but man oh man! next time that is ALL i will order and eat the whole dang thing!

this was an elegant but casual restaurant. we were seated right away, but by the time we placed our order, there was a 45 min wait to be seated. so if you want to check it out, get there early!

i was determined to see the marginal way before we left Ogunquit that day. we parked in a $20 a day parking lot...because as i said before, parking is almost non-existent on the streets. we caught the trolley to the marginal way walking path. and this time we remembered to bring our ponchos. but i totally forgot my Canon Rebel SLR. dang.

we meandered the walkway and were taken away by the breathtaking ocean scenes and rocky cliffs. the path was laced with beautiful flowers and vines and rocks and memorial benches/plaques. many people were climbing on the rocks and building those piles of rocks...what do you call them? cairns, that's it! pretty cool.

we were almost to the end when it started raining again. but we were prepared this time! we donned our ponchos and finished out the walk. we ducked into this little restaurant for a coffee and a bite. Oarweed. such a funny name. Hank finally got his clams. i had a sliver of key lime pie and coffee of course.

we took the trolley back to town center and bought some wild blueberry wine for my sister-in-law and some giant cookies and lobster claw pops for the mcmonkeys. we ran out of cash and had to hoof it to the parking lot! we were so done by the time we got to the car.

it was a wonderful and welcomed escape! can't wait to do it again!

~~pictures to follow in my next post~~


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