...another one bites the dust

this past saturday (april 13), i attempted my 4th ever 5k...the Bacon Hill Bonanza ~ an inaugural run to benefit the Bacon Hill Reformed Church's steeple that is in much need of repair, as well as for the local food pantry in Schuylerville.

it was a chilly morning and it had rained the day/night before. thankfully, it wasn't raining this morning!
there was a stretch of the course that was on a dirt and rocky road...which was now very muddy!
but we all survived :)

i ran an 11:07 mile on average. i always start out around 10:20 for my first mile. then i lose a minute or two along that 2nd mile. my 2nd mile clocked in at 22:30. my final time was 34:30. not the greatest, but it was my personal best!

i remember last year when i ran my very first 5k at the SPAC Rock and Run. it was so hot that day! my time was 36:37. i was happy with that. so in less than a year, i have shaved off about 2 min from my time. not bad i suppose. especially for someone who trains as inconsistently as i have.

a few pics from the day...


Bacon Hill Reformed Church

the runners...i'm in there somewhere ;)

home stretch! 

finish line in sight! whew!


  1. YOU did an awesome job Mare! So proud of you! And you look great running toward that finish line!


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