the 's' word...

i'm reading soooo much text, blog posts, etc. about this taboo subject that 
Christians are not supposed to talk freely about, 
or maybe they feel this sort of talk is only meant for the bedroom...
about idolizing virginity and how this sin is the worst sin ever...
and all of that...
this is my response. 

yes! let's talk about SEX! 
i said the "s" word! oh my! 
when that word comes out of my mouth, i'm so ready for my mom to slap me!

i was NEVER taught about sex as a youngster, and certainly not as a teen. 
it was 'secret adult talk.'
i only knew that sex was 'bad' outside of marriage.

i learned about sex from my friends, my sisters (who got pregnant as teens), 
and eventually, my boyfriends.

i also learned about 'bad' sex and not feeling good about my body, 
about sexual promiscuity, and being raped and ashamed 
and being 'damaged goods' and ALL of that. it's a hard road. 

i'm not saying that being a virgin on your wedding night is a bad thing.
i wouldn't idolize it either.
(just don't condemn someone if they aren't. you have no idea of their past.)

after i became a child of God, a princess to the King, that's when i really learned the TRUTH.

the honest truth is that sex out of marriage is a sin in the eyes of God...but it's also forgivable. 
the truth is after repentance comes forgiveness through God's great mercy and grace.
the truth is i am NOT damaged goods. i am a whole person.
a person who is made pure and righteous through my faith in Jesus Christ.
the truth is that my body is an extension of my spirit in which Christ lives. 
and that body is where i live today...

whole, forgiven, respected by my husband, and full of His grace. 
His grace is truly enough.

don't let your children grow up learning about sex from strangers. 
educate your children.
teach them biblical principles.

then, let them go when they are ready.
 ultimately, the decisions about sex will be their's to make.
right or wrong.

i pray that as Christian women, 
we can talk freely and openly with one another, 
and our husbands, 
about sex 
and all of that!

so go...
talk about SEX!


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