please excuse the mess...

Hi Friends!

This week is "mid-winter" break for my boys. They are off until next Monday.
I cannot complain, they are usually pretty well-behaved...except when they're not ;)

They have been busy "making memories!" LOL
I am so used to not having to step over their toys, or clean off the dining room table when it's time for a meal. But when they are on school vacation, it's a constant in our lives.

I want to complain, but then I saw this..."Please excuse the mess, the children are making memories!"

Rather than complain, I will embrace these moments in our lives. For one day they will be gone. Literally.

So relish in the mess ladies! and enjoy those little ones while you can!


  1. So True! I should make this and hang it on my wall!
    Thanks for the reminder Mare! I've been stressed with mess a lot lately, sadly though, it's mostly my mess.. lol!

    1. that's because you're a painting fool! LOL


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