Revolutionary Run...

last weekend (Nov 10th) i participated in the Revolutionary Run for Veterans in Schuylerville.
the route took us up some major hills in Schuylerville/Victory, and by some cool revolutionary landmarks (Schuyler House, Saratoga Monument).


and what goes up....must come down! you'd think the downhills would be easy...well, maybe easier than running uphill, but running downhill is harder on the knees!


see that carrot in the middle? that's me. i led my own pack in the back ;) LOL!

my official time is still uncertain. i have no clue where to check for the official race times...nor have i gotten any emails to that effect.

i glanced at the time board as i ran over the finish line...i know it said 36 min...but didn't catch the seconds.

*shrug* and *sigh*'s not the time i really care about. i finished. done. kaput. overandout.

3 5Ks under my belt. my knees hurt. will i do another? maybe.

Turkey Trot anyone?


  1. great job, mare!!! so proud of you! (and i love your new fall background)


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