hello october...

where did September go? just yesterday, i was buying school supplies and attending open house at school.

the temperature has dropped to the point where shorts are no long an option and it's a good idea to carry a sweater with you!

all the summer clothes are put away and the cords are in the drawers, along with long-sleeved shirts and button-down sweaters. (although i prefer zippers!)

sandals and swim trunks are a thing of the past...replaced by mittens, wool hats, and snow pants. (not to mention snow boots..because i don't want to jinx the weather that much!) oops.

October is a favorite time of year for me! love apple picking, baking pies, hiking the color laden trails, smelling wood-burning fires, cozy sweaters and scarfs, hot cider, and halloween :)

the boys are into their routines at school, and have picked up a new challenge for themselves - Aikido.
i think they all like it.

stephen is learning to play the baritone, and nick is continuing the clarinet. they are both taking art club again as well. jake's in 2nd grade and doesn't have many extra-curricular activities yet. it will be enough for him to just keep up with his homework this year ;)

well, happy fall y'all! enjoy these cool, crisp days...for winter is just around the corner!


  1. yay!! i love fall! glad to hear the kiddos are enjoying their routines :)


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