Adirondack Extreme...a new challenge!

it was sunday morning and the power was out. it was rainy and chilly and Hank and i were about to embark on a new adventure! Adirondack Extreme! with our good friends Karen and Chris Del Vecchio.

Chris, Karen, Hank and I

Hank was hesitant at first because it was rainy and the power was out. how long would it be out? should we leave while the power was out? well, what would we do if we stayed home? not much.

so we dropped the kiddos off to grandma's and off we drove ... way on up to exit 24 of I87.

before we knew it, we had our harnesses on and were being instructed on how to be safe on the course. at least one red clip on the red cable at all times! ok!

we were also instructed on how to attach our zip line roller and clip to the zip line! don't drop it! you may never get it back! oh the pressure! LOL!

not difficult by any means, but sort-a-kind-a-scary!!

i have a fear of heights. always have. and this day was no different. as we meandered through the 'games' on the courses, i wrestled with that fear...many times. don't look down! right?! well, you almost had to going through the games to make sure of your footing.

holding onto the overhead cables was a challenge as well...if you know how tall i am, that wouldn't be a surprise to you ;)

at some points, it was a literal S T R E T C H to hold on! but i made it.

the zip lines were da BOMB! loved them! only one time, i didn't get my feet on the platform quick enough, and my cable rollers started going backwards!! oh no! i found myself hanging by my harness over a creek several feet in the air! "what do i do now?" i shouted!

thankfully, there was a guide not too far away on a hill...'just pull yourself along the cable backward to the platform.' and so i did just that. the hardest part was pulling my body weight up a slight incline to the platform. but again, i made it.

we made it through the green and blue courses, and part of the silver one. by then, my fingers were sore and my forearms were burning. i had reached a limit that i was not comfortable going past. the others in my party agreed. so we stopped there.

even though we didn't complete the silver courses or even attempted the red and black, i feel good about what we did accomplish. attacking my fears and challenging my limits was so much fun! who'd a thought?!

and i cannot wait to go back!

tug o war with the hubby!


  1. You are so cool! Sounds like a lot of fun.

    1. ha! i don't know about that Sherry!! but it was FUN!!


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