these are the feet of a 48 year old...

these feet have carried me through many triumphs, adversities, and meaningful moments in my life.

from my very first steps as a babe to walking down the isle to helping my first child with his first steps.

they have been to many places from NY to Colorado, from Canada to Florida, and many places in between.

they have carried me through happiness, depression, salvation, and still hold me up.

these God-given feet have been through almost half a century of life with me....and, hopefully, they will take me through another...

these are my feet...the feet of a 48 year old.


  1. Your 48 year old feet look A LOT better than my 35 year old feet! How do you keep them looking so nice?!

    1. Yes. They look better than mine too! What's your secret Mare??


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