happy anniversary my love...

ELEVEN years...

how can that be?

it seems like only yesterday we were romping through Bar Harbor ME on our honeymoon...

you extending your arms out to me as a barfed over the side of the whale watching boat, giving me your sweatshirt to wipe my mouth with! 
...then finding out that the World Trade Center had been attacked by terrorists :(

these past 11 years have been filled with JOY, sorrow, frustration, elation, contentment...and everything in between.  
we have grown our family of two into a family of five.
3 sweet, beautiful boys to share our journey together. 

what more could a gal ask for?
another 11+ years, that's what! 

happy anniversary to my wonderful, awesome, loving, caring, hard-working husband and bestest friend in the whole world!

i love you lots and lots and whole bunches!


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