a cleanse...

well, i just got done with a 9 day Isagenix cleanse. yup.
welcome back to food! and feeling quite nauseous this morning.

i challenged myself this month to do this cleanse because i needed it both mentally and physically, and also because...well, it's a challenge.

so now i can say 'i did that' once.

i lost 8lbs in those 9 days. but my body also feels weak.
yesterday was extremely difficult! my mind started telling me things i didn't want to hear...i swear those cookies were calling my name out loud!
i had super bad cravings..especially when i was cooking meatballs for my family to eat (and i knew i couldn't have any!).
who craves meatballs anyway?!

so here's how the 9 days went:

day 1: 1st cleanse day. no food. just drink water, black coffee, green tea, and this Isagenix cleanse juice (4oz - 4x/day). on this day, you burn 80% carbohydrates.
i felt pretty good. after all, i'm used to fasting one day a week.

day 2: 2nd cleanse day. same as above...only you're burning 80% fat on this day!
i felt hungry, but i got through it with the juice cleanse. went to bed early so as not to want those nightly snax!

day 3: i got to have an Isagenix protein shake for breakfast and lunch...with two snacks and a full meal at dinner time!
i chose the vanilla flavored shake. it was ok..not the best tasting thing in the world. a 1/2 cup of berries made it better.
my snax were usually a low glycemic fruit and 6oz of plain greek yogurt or 2 tbs of natural PB and an apple.
then i got to eat a full dinner. that usually consisted of a lean protein, and lots of veggies.  maybe a fruit, but no starches.

days 4-7 were the same as above. (and during those 5 days of 2-meal replacement shakes a day, i could not have any sugar. nope. no cheats, treats or sugary sweets! oy!

then we get to the last 2 days of the cleanse. these two days were the longest and hardest for me!

day 8: no food. just the juice cleanse (4oz-4x/day), water, black coffee, green tea.
i felt ok, but my cravings were getting stronger!

day 9: no food. juice cleanse, etc. the only thing that got me through this day was that i spent half the morning at church. when i got home, i just kept busy. part of that afternoon was spent building legos with Jacob :)

by evening though, i was a wreck. my stomach was growling and my cravings were taking control of my thoughts. everyone else was in bed. i tried to sleep once, but my mind was racing. i couldn't get the thought of food out of my head!

no, i didn't snack. i watched the Emmys ;)
then i went to bed.

so this morning, i woke up starving and made a couple of eggs. i couldn't wait to eat! and have coffee with cream and sugar! what a sweet cup that was!

when i got to the studio to work out, my stomach was nauseous. i suppose a protein shake would've been a better choice than eggs. but i made it through the 45min work out without getting sick. and after lunch, my stomach feels much better.

i am glad i did this challenge. not only because of the 8lbs gone...but because i wanted to know that i could.

however...i don't know if i would do it again ;)


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