some random thoughts...

i love summer. school starts in less than a month. i'll be 48 next month!
my husband is the BEST! he took the boys to the lake today after we got back from VBS....ahhhhh peace and quiet! 
the AC feels soooo good.
i want to move. but its not an option right now. 
we need mulch in the playground. but first i have to pull more weeds. ugh.
why don't we have a pool again?
jealousy. what a wicked wicked foe you are. 
i cannot wait to go on vacation to see my bestie and her husband :) ... then visit family that i haven't seen in years!
COFFEE! just because.
paper paper EVERYWHERE! and no place to store it all :(
(burn it?)
25lbs to go.  another 5k august 25th.
still dreaming of a baby girl...
my FIL is obsessed with pickles right now. there are literally 6 jars of pickles in the house. 
God's grace has become my new best friend.
its ok to dream...


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