is it really august?

i just cannot believe this summer is half over!

next week is VBS! it should be lots of fun! looking forward to it...but this is the 1st year that Stephen is NOT happy about it. and i have no idea why. this is Nick's last year to attend VBS. but he could be a 'helper' next year if he wants :)

the week after VBS is done, we are heading down south to Maryland to visit my bestie! i think it's been like NINE years or something! i'm so looking forward to rekindling our friendship :) and Hank is so looking forward to seeing the ocean!

me and juju
on our way back, we are hoping to visit some family in PA, whom i haven't seen in way too long! then it's home to unwind, unpack, and get the school shopping done! oy!

school starts on sept 6th. part of me cannot wait! LOL! but most of me says WAIT! summer just started!!

i'm hanging on to these last bits of summer and my boys' youth. they are just growing up way too fast!

Jake's brave jump off the 'deep' end--5 1/2 ft

Nick and Stephen kayaking


  1. Hope you have a great week at VBS and a great vacation Mare. Take lots of photos :-) I'm with you, Summer just started!

    1. thanks Sherry! i always take way too many photos! that way, there's gotta be at least a few that come out good ;)


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