BLOOM where you are planted...

in getting back to our routine here at home after being away on vacation, i've been stressing over the renovations that still need to be done.

after living in this house for seven years, you'd think we would have finished already. not.

i'm not bitter. nor am i resentful. not really. but i was wishing and hoping that we could move from here. into a house that is finished.

then i heard on K-LOVE this morning something that got me thinking..."BLOOM where you are planted." 

think about it. are we constantly wishing and hoping we are somewhere else? somewhere in the Bahamas? somewhere in the mountains? somewhere over the rainbow? (hehe)

why not just be happy right where God planted us? make the most of our situations, for better or for worse. that's not as easy as it sounds. 

but that's my next be happy and bloom where God has planted water and fertilize the ground that i sit on. 

maybe something good will GROW.


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