on running...

i never considered myself a runner. still don't. then why do i miss it when i can't run? go figure. then let me know ;)

my july goal was to run 3x a week. the first week of july got away from me, and i didn't get to run once. the second week i got in two runs. my first was only 20min. i ran the streets of victory and schuylerville chasing my previous time of 30min. i had to stop 3 times...twice to cross the busiest street in town, and once to catch my breath and catch up with my music! my pace was way off my beat. but i got thru it.

my second run was 26min. again i had to stop 3 times. but i count it as another notch in my belt.
my legs seem to give out before my lungs do. something to work on. another 5k coming up in august. and maybe one for love146 in september :)

if you are a runner or something like that, could you please leave some tips for me? thanks.


  1. great job getting those runs in! i find summer to be very hard...so busy with the kids, hot days, just not motivated. but i will try to remember those moments when i really wanted to run but it was snowing, or i had somewhere else to be. then i am more grateful that i CAN get out there and get it done. not sure if i have any real tips...i'm no speedy gonzales! LOL i love how i feel when i'm done with a run, and i try to think about that feeling as i start to run (or mid-run). i also don't beat myself up if i have to stop or if my pace is slower from day to day. remembering "i'm out here, i'm doing it. i'm doing more than the person sitting on the couch right now!" really helps me.

    1. thanks K! i am always inspired when you post about your runs or work outs. so don't stop doing what you do! you are definitely encouraging to others!
      and i get it. i'm doing more than the couch potato! LOL! i know because i LIVE with one! hahaha!
      anyway, thanks for the encouraging words! it's always appreciated :)

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