goals? what are they?

the first week of july has gone bye bye.
my goal of running 3x/wk...also gone bye bye (for this week at least).

i suppose my july goal wasn't so 'S.M.A.R.T.'

it should be attainable. but with the boys home...finding the time to actually 
do it...well, that's another story.

i'm trying for balance in my life here. 
i don't want to spend every waking moment thinking about 'when do i fit in a workout.'
it's not fair to my boys.

i'm not giving up, i'm just trying to have some quality moments with my boys 
before summer ends and they are back in school.

my hope for this month: maintain my weight loss and my hard earned muscle.

my goal is still the same...run 3x/wk. 
another 5k is coming up in august! 


  1. its sounds to me like you are "smarter" than you think my friend! keep up the good work :)


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