more than 2 weeks into may...

the James bible study is done...although i still have some homework to finish up.
the financial peace university class is finished as well.
i'm looking forward to continuing my reading through the new testament...i'm in Acts.
MOPS will be finishing up this friday too. i'm still praying about my role in MOPS for the 2012-2013 year.

i started a book called "i used to be so organized!' funny. i was just thinking that very same thought.
why do i feel so frazzled and hurried all the there's something i should be doing...but my mind cannot grasp it.

i think i was overcommitted to start my year off. now that things are settling down and finishing up, i feel like i can take a deep breath. but not relax.

we still have baseball...almost every night. games usually start at 6pm. sometimes they go until 8. which is bedtime for my little peeps most nights. so they're tired in the morning. and we are all on edge when we are tired.

i've been training for a 5k...which is coming up this sunday. today i ran 3 miles in 36min 16sec. not great, but i'll take it. my goal for may was to increase my endurance and jog for 30 min. i have met and surpassed that goal.

i'm nervous about the race. even though i did a practice run last sunday. yup. on mother's day morning...8am. i embraced my inner turtle that day... and came in last. but i finished.

i think running along side others doesn't help. it's intimidating. and distracting. i feel like i need those things the horses wear in races...what are they called? blinders? hahaha! anyway, i know i will finish and that's all i need to know.

i am also more than 2 weeks into tread on trafficking. i have only raised $60 towards my $500 goal. (won't you consider donating to this worthy cause?) but i won't let that discourage me. my goal is to exercise/jog for a total of 30 hours in these two months. i have about 20 hours to go.

...and i cannot even begin to tell you about the many projects we have going on in our home...way too many projects. that will have to be another post!

until then...adieu.


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