Tread on Trafficking Fundraiser!

Anyone up for a challenge? Want to join me in raising funds and awareness for a VERY worthy cause?

is an organization near and dear to my heart.

They are having a fundraiser for the months of May and June called TREAD on Trafficking!

It's an eight-week event where people all over the world ask friends and family to sponsor them for the hours they spend working out or the miles they run, bike or swim. All the money I raise is going straight to LOVE146, an organization working to end child sex slavery and exploitation worldwide. 

Right now, I'm beginning to ask friends and family if they'd consider supporting me. Please visit my page and consider making a donation. But even if you cannot do that, visit anyway so you can share my page through Facebook and Twitter. And, if you are feeling especially generous with your time, perhaps you could send an email to some of your contacts with a link to my page.

Or you can join my team to raise funds and awareness my getting/staying fit! It's a great way to spread awareness, honor your body, and honor God!

Anything you can do to support this organization is greatly appreciated. My goal as an individual (or part of a team) is $500! So who's with me?!!

Thanks and God bless!
Mare :)

(if you want to join my team, just send me an email -- -- and i will add you on the list. i will send updates when i have more info.)


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