another notch!

today started out like any other the boys off to school and did the general clean up thing; checked my email and Facebook; then printed out my exercise challenge for the day.

the challenge for today was a 10sec rest/20sec work challenge for 20 rounds! that's TEN minutes of intensity!
i know it may not seem like much, but it was intense!

then i set out on the road to do my 5k training.
today it was jog 5min, walk 3min, jog 8min, walk 3min, jog 5min.

when i jog/walk the streets around my house, there is inevitably at least one hill. this one hill in particular gets my goat every time!
each and every time i start out jogging up that hill, i have to rest part way up. no matter what the day. it's been killing me!

well, not anymore! i conquered that hill today! yes sir! jogged all the way up and 1 min past it!
got to the top and i really felt like Rocky! hahaha! put my hands in the air and everything!
covered in liquid awesome baby!

i know you can picture it! go ahead! and then laugh your a** off! hahahaha!

it was a sticking point for me, and i am so happy that i got "unstuck!" it may not seem like a challenge to those who have been running on a regular basis, but this was a HUGE accomplishment for me.

and yes, i did pray to God that i may conquer that hill...and He answered with a big YES today!



  1. I am not someone who runs on a regular basis. I am someone who runs once every year or so, finds it difficult and then doesn't do it again for some time :)
    So I am HUGELY impressed with your exertions! Way to go!!!

  2. That is awesome Mare! So proud of you!!!

  3. wooohoooooo so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!! love the rocky moment :)


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