winter blues?

I've been feeling out of it lately...out of the loop, out of sorts, out of my mind ?? haha!

Just plain out. 

I really miss the snow this winter. But my mind is also set on Spring...we've been teased so long with this nice weather, I feel like Spring should be here already! But alas, it's still at least a month away.

This is the time of year when I start to lose focus of my goals and maybe slip back into those bad habits that I am trying to let go of for life.

I am beginning to want that snack at 9pm! ugh! It doesn't help that my hubby is eating ice cream and chips either! please STOP!!!

I have been migraine free for the whole month of January and so far in this month of February! That's HUGE! My h20 intake has taken a dive to about 60 oz/day. I really need to get it back up to 70-80 oz.

I really haven't had too many "cheat" meals, although I am allowed at least one per week. Last night, I did have a dessert after going to the movies with my sweet hubby (our first real date in a while).

I have met my first two healthier life goals: 1. I have been doing 3 HIIT classes a week, plus an additional fit test on my own each week, and 2. I lost 2 inches overall! (now to come up with my March goal!)

I had my first ever body fat test done. ugh! How embarrassing! and OUCH! Those pinches hurt!
But at least I will know where I stand with all that. One of my long-term goals is to be at a fitness level of body fat. (I haven't gotten my results back yet, so I don't know what percentage I am at right now.)

Fat takes up way more space than muscle. However, muscle weighs more than fat. So you cannot count on the scale to tell you how healthy you are. That, my friends, is a myth. I'm not saying to throw away the scale, but you probably shouldn't rely on it as your only source of measuring how healthy you are. If you are gaining muscle, you will most likely not see a huge drop in your weight...and that's a good thing!

Another thing I have been pondering is my position/place at MOPS. I am feeling a bit out of it there as well. I will be praying about my usefulness at MOPS, and where/if I fit in anymore. Please pray with me on that one!

Spiritually, I am definitely feeling out of the loop...only because I don't talk to God as often as I should. I know He's waiting by the phone...anxious to talk. I really need to dial that number...soon.

So maybe all this is just winter blues...but it's what I am feeling lately.

Mare out.


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