lifestyle change goals for March...

I would love to say that my March goals were to lose 5lbs and more inches, but I'm going for the behavioral changes this month. My trainer thinks the physical changes will follow...we'll see.

I got my body fat testing results back...very surprised that I am considered "obese," and very depressing to think that I have over 12lbs of fat to lose! Talk about deflating my high!! :(

I'm doing it all for them...

But I suppose it's good to know, so I can work on decreasing my overall % of body fat...all in the name of HEALTH, of course.

Call me courageous for sharing this information ;)


Name MaryAnne R.  Date 2/18/12; Waist  36 /Hip 44
WHR -  .82
Waist to Hip Ratio Chart

Health Risk Based Solely on WHR

0.80 or below
Low Risk

0.81 to 0.85
Moderate Risk
High Risk

Body Fat %  36.18
Pounds of Body Fat  60.79
Pounds of Lean Body Weight  107.21
Goal:  31%   ***Lose 12.6 pounds of Body Fat
Percent Body Fat Norms for Women
Essential Fat


Here are my two little S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) goals for March--

Goal number one: fasting! Fasting is not for everyone, and certainly not if you are diabetic!

What I will be doing is fasting once a week for 24hrs, most likely from 6pm - 6pm. That way, I'll be asleep for part of it! LOL!

This will be a water, green tea, possibly juice, fast. Nothing else for 24hrs. Hopefully, this will help detox my body and boost my metabolism.

Goal number two: sleeping! My goal is to get 8hrs of sleep every night!  My average to date has been around 6-7. My body is telling me that's not enough. My body needs more sleep to recuperate. Too little sleep has also been linked to obesity.

So that's it! My March lifestyle change goals laid out there! I'm hoping I can stick to these for one month...remembering that doing something for a month = HABIT!

Here's to healthier habits!


  1. I agree with ya Mare, at least you know.
    I neeeeed to follow your lead! You have made a lot of healthy changes in the short time I have known you. I know you can do this!

  2. thanks Sherry! you're such an encouragement to me!

  3. thanks for being COURAGEOUS and sharing...know that you inspire, motivate, and encourage others by doing so :)
    great can totally do it! i'm so proud of you!!


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