gardening...yup. start thinking now!

For my gardening friends, this link will bring you to an article that my friend, Heather Fischer, wrote for the "From Scratch Club."

It's truly informative and gives some great ideas on how to start planting, or expanding, your garden.
Take a read! You'll be glad you did!

Gardening in my little neck of the woods has proved to be somewhat of a challenge. The soil is mostly clay, so we had to adjust it with some top soil and manure. yuck! but what a crop that yielded! woot!

our small garden on the side of the driveway

one of the many bounties produced from our garden

What I didn't know about raised beds, is that you can plant different plants that require different pH level soils right in the same garden! I think I will have to investigate this further.

I was going to get into the planning and planting of our garden, but time is not on my side today.
So that will have to wait for another post...


  1. Awesome Mare! I will take a stroll over to your friends article. Thanks for posting!

  2. Beautiful harvest! Makes me want to plant a garden...


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