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I haven't had a cookie in over a month! If you know me at all, you know I LOVE my sweets! Especially COOOOKIES!!!

I'm trying to eat healthier. Whole foods. No prepackaged anything. It's hard.

Another thing that I LOVE is bread! All kinds of bread! But unless I make it myself with whole foods, I am not sticking it in my mouth. I just might have to start making bread! I do own a bread machine..,it's been sitting on my back stairs (which we use as a closet) for years. Yes, I said YEARS! In fact, I almost gave it away once, and then I almost put it in my yard sale.

My water intake is somewhere between 60-80 ounces/day. It varies because sometimes when I know I need to drive a long distance, I don't drink as much...for obvious reasons! But I feel good about the H2O I'm getting now.

In January I joined "Challenge by Choice." It's really I.N.T.E.N.S.E.  HIIT (high intensity interval training). That really says it all. Hard work pays off, I'm told. I'll be heading into session II next week. I "hit" CbC 3x/wk, and do one "fit challenge" at home, so that = 4x/wk. I'm not sure if I actually feel the pounds dropping yet, but I definitely have more energy! That is a good thing.

On the spiritual side of things, I am truly enjoying the Beth Moore study on James. I love her style and her stories. In the very first video, she talks about what happened to her family after their mom passed away...they split and scattered. Very similar to what happened with my family after my mom passed. I could definitely relate! Her honesty and intentionality (is that even a word?) is refreshing and encouraging.

So, that's where I'm at right now. Trying to stay strong and finish what I started.


  1. Good job and prayers for continued success!

  2. fantastic, mare!!!!!!!! you are doing an amazing job! keep it up - you've got this :)

  3. Awesome Mare!!! I love Beth Moore too, she is a great teacher.
    Keep up the good work :)


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