My Tuesday Exercise Challenge!

Needed:  timer, mat if needed.
****This is a timed challenge!  SO get your timer, set it to stop watch and push yourself! Complete 3 rounds of the exercises listed below!!!
*****Modifications are in blue!
1.  5 burpees with a push up:  squat down and place your palms on the floor, jump  into plank position, do a push up, jump feet back in and jump up!
Modification:  squat down, palms on the floor walk right leg back , then left into a plank position, do a push up on toes or on knees then walk back in towards the hands and stand up reaching arms overhead!
2.  20 Squat with Side Leg Lift:  Get into a low squat position, hips pointing back, back flat.  Squat even lower and as you stand up lift the right leg as high to the side as you can.  Squat back down and repeat on the left side.  Squats should be deep and leg lift should be high, alternating sides. DO 20 ON EACH SIDE, making 40 TOTAL!
Modification :  do not go too deeply into squat, go as far as flexibility allows. (see above for instruction)
3.  Repeat 5 Burpees with Push up  (with or without modifications)
4.  20 Low Burpee Hops:   Start in  a low squat, place hands on the ground, jump feet back into plank, jump back in, stand up BUT STAY IN LOW SQUAT AND JUMP TO THE LEFT!  RepeatBurpee, and jump back to the RIGHT.  All 20 should be done in a low squat!!
Modification:  Perform burpee walking the feet out into plank and walking in and stay as low as you can in the squat!
Repeat 2 more times through and email me your total time!!!  GO FOR IT!

This took me 12min 54sec to complete...I had to modify halfway through the second round.

I dare YOU to try this and leave your time in the comments! 


  1. ZERO COMMENTS?! C'mon peeps! I love this, Mare! I just finished a 3 day cleanse and I just started cardio month of turbofire, but I promise you here in blog land, I WILL do a challenge/dare :)


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