whew! day 18 already!

I am thankful for my "baby" brother Joe.

Being the youngest member of our family sure had it's privileges! At least that's how us older kids saw it!

I remember one meal that my mom always made for us: ground beef and cream of mushroom soup over rice! yuck! I did not like that meal at all! Joey didn't have to eat it that way. He got to have his ground beef in one bowl, and his rice in another bowl. He didn't even have to eat the cream of mushroom soup.
He also didn't have to have sauce on his spaghetti. He got to eat it with butter instead.
I know I know...picky! LOL!

Joey was my buddy growing up. He helped me make clothes for my Barbie dolls and played with me outside when no one else would. When I went away to Denver CO for college, he wrote to me and sent me this little bear...which I still keep on my desk.

He also loves his family, even if he doesn't keep in touch much anymore.

He's very creative and makes these beautiful paper origami flowers and boxes...

He loves to color his hair...a LOT!

And he loves animals! He has many pets...his dogs TJ and Ody:

2 cats named Pollo and Thena, and a parrot named Jay.

I love you Joe...more than you know.


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