wdzięczny day 20

wdzięczny is grateful in Polish. I don't even know how to pronounce that! I just thought it would be fun to put it out there. I suppose I could ask my FIL how to say it. He is Polish after all. 

Today I am grateful for my godmother, my Aunt Ann. My dad's sister.

my Aunt Ann and me at my christening

My Aunt Ann has been there for me since the day I was born. Growing up in a Catholic home, she took her role as godmother very seriously. She made it her goal to help bring me up and show me love and support in any way she knew how.

Those days weren't always great. I remember when I was still little...maybe 5...and we were in a department store. As my Aunt was cashing out, the cashier asked her for her phone number. She lied and said she didn't have a phone. I spoke up and said, "yes you do!" Well, my Aunt did not like that at all and yelled at me when we got to the car. I felt a little betrayed. She always told me to tell the truth. Why was she lying to the cashier about her phone? Anyway, it was those little things that had a big impact on me later in life (but that 's another story!).

Overall, my Aunt Ann treated me special. She would send me special cards on my birthday, Christmas, any time she thought of me...which was often. She has so much love in her heart for her family! She can come across as controlling and crass at times, but I know her heart. And it's good. 

Aunt Ann and her dog, Cocoa

I felt her pain when she went through (and is still going through) such traumatic loss in her life. She lost her father, her brother (my dad), her 25yr old son, her mother and her dog all over the course of six years. She barely recovered from one tragedy when another was bestowed on her. By then, she was a believer, and had Christ's strength to draw upon. However, when her son passed from a very tragic accident, her heart was broken. And before she could even begin to recover from that, her mom (my grandma) passed away. She was her mom's main caregiver and they saw or spoke with each other every single day....every day of their lives! She took her shopping and to lunch. Grandma was her life. When grandma passed, my Aunt's spirit was broken. 

There were no grief share groups close enough to attend. So God laid it on my Aunt's heart to start one. She calls it "Reflect and Renew, Circle of Friends." It's a Christ-centered support group, that deals with all types of loss. The loss of a loved one, divorce, anything you could imagine losing. She had no idea how to start something like this, but had the faith and trust in God to see it through. The group continues today, and she has helped many others come to a place where they are at peace with their losses.
She is such an inspiration to me.

I love her dearly, and I am so thankful for my Aunt Ann in my life. 


  1. Hey Mare!

    I popped your Polish word for grateful into Google Translator (and you can too! http://translate.google.com/) and clicked the listen icon. Sounds like Whi-jer-snay from what I could make out. (((blush)))

    I loved what you shared about your Aunt Ann and how God used afflictions in her life to comfort others with the comfort she had received (see 2 Corinthians 1:4).


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