on day 24 of thanksgiving...it's THANKSGIVING!!

I am so thankful to be home with my family, smelling the turkey and fixin's cooking...
3 little boys laughing and enjoying each other's company...
one handsome husband cooking dinner...
so priceless.
I am blessed with abundance on this thanksgiving.

I do miss our big family get-together's though. Ever since my mom passed away, my family of origin has grown further apart instead of closer together. I don't think it's anything that was foreseen or intentional...just is.

But I find myself joyful in the fact that I have those memories from past years in my heart, and I am making new traditions and memories with my little family...right now. It's a wonderful life...

and I am truly thankful.


  1. Beautiful words of gratitude. I miss my mother,too. sorry for your pain, but I can see you have a beautiful life with hubby and little guys. Lovely.


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