on the 15th day of thanksgiving...

I am thankful for my sister Rose.

She was my favorite sister growing up....shhhhh!! She was the fun sister! and the rebel! LOL! She was always getting into some kind of trouble!

I remember when she moved out. I was so sad. I didn't want her to go.
She had a difficult time for a while. She got pregnant at an early age, and our dad didn't want anything to do with her son. But as soon as he saw Jay, his heart melted!

She has the greatest smile EVER!!! and it's so contagious! She loves her family so much, especially her grandchildren! yup...she's a grandma too!

Rose was lost for many years. Then God brought her to the end of herself...and she found Jesus!
I was not saved at the time, but I was amazed by her transformation! What a beautiful thing!
She prayed for me, along with my grandmother...and one day, after eight years of a very abusive and destructive relationship, I went to Colorado Springs to visit her and her husband.

It was there that my sister invited me to her church, then introduced me to her pastor's wife, who then invited me to her house--on my birthday--and threw an impromptu surprise party for me, and treated me, a stranger, like family.

Two days later, I accepted Jesus into my heart...in my sister's basement room...alone with God. Truly awesome.

I will never forget that time I spent with my sister Rose. I love you sweetie! and I am so very thankful for you and that you didn't give up praying for me!


  1. Although I haven't gotten around to commenting on each post- I am loving your thankful series!


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