is it day 23 already?

On this day, I am thankful for my sister in Christ, and bestie...Julia Halusa. Or as others may know her as Juju, Jujitz, Julinnia, or Julie. For the record, I call her Juju. She calls me Mare-zee.

I met Julia a long time ago, back in the 80's, when I worked for Key Bank. I started in the data entry dept, she was in customer service. After I became assistant supervisor of data entry, Julia transferred to my dept.
We developed a lasting bond of friendship that I cherish to this day.

We did lunch, coffee, dancing on the weekends til 4am, then breakfast at Denny's LOL! We lost touch with each other, and actually lived a few blocks from each other at the time and didn't even know it! We caught up with one another once again at a sobriety dance five years later! This time we swore we would never lose touch again.

We camped, rode motorcycles, were members of a family oriented motorcycle club called the "Thundering Herd," had sleepovers, long talks, and shared everything you could imagine.

Julia eventually moved away to Maryland. We kept in touch for a while, then slowly the letters became few and far between, the phone calls stopped, the emails disappeared. The distance grew...

It was an unexpected loss for me, and it was very hard to recover. But I did. I moved on. Julia and I still keep in touch here and there. Certainly not like we used to. But I will always have a place in my heart with Juju's  stamp on it.

I love you my friend. Always.  


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